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 Baby Spa Fantasy Series
Baby Spa Fantasy Series


Many of the products are custom made, or made to order based on client's requirements and client's specifications

Baby Spa Fantasy Series

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Baby Spa Bath Donald-Y110
Baby Spa Bath Donald-Y110 Size: 1100x870x920 mm, colors: yellow glory, medical-grading safe for b.....
RM 6,890.00
Ex Tax: RM 6,500.00
Baby Spa Bath MeMe Tub-RW110
Baby Spa Bath MeMe Tub-R110  Size: 1015x900x910 mm, colors: Red & White, of medical.....
RM 9,010.00
Ex Tax: RM 8,500.00
Baby Spa Pool Party-Boom CB2pax-150
Baby Spa Pool Party-Boom PW150 Size: 150x150x55 cm, Upgraded Features: Anti-Slip Format.....
RM 9,316.34
Ex Tax: RM 8,789.00
Holmspa Corner Bath 2Pax, CB-2Pax
Holmspa Corner Bath CB-2Pax Size: 150x150x55 cm Upgraded Features: Anti-Slip Formation of Acry.....
RM 8,786.34
Ex Tax: RM 8,289.00
Dewi Inka Wellness ESSENTIAL OIL - Baby Sleep, 50ml
Dewi Inka Wellness ESSENTIAL OIL - Baby Sleep, 50ml .....
RM 281.29
Ex Tax: RM 265.37
Holmspa Treatment House
Hyperthermia Facilities Endulgence HolmSpa Treatment Aroma Steam Bath 20 min Crystal Gel .....
RM 68.90
Ex Tax: RM 65.00
HolmSpa I LUV Baby Faucet
I LUV Baby Faucet, the digital precision temperature water mixer Size: 80Lx60Wx150H mm .....
RM 1,618.62
Ex Tax: RM 1,527.00
HolmSpa I LUV Baby Shower
I LUV Baby Shower, the digital precision temperature water mixer Size: 210Lx150Wx50Thk mm .....
RM 1,152.22
Ex Tax: RM 1,087.00
HolmSpa Mirror-mirror On The Wall 15"
HolmSpa Mirror-mirror On The Wall 15" Size: 60Wx90H cm, 15"LCD .....
RM 2,740.10
Ex Tax: RM 2,585.00
HolmSpa Mirror-mirror On The Wall 19"
HolmSpa Mirror-mirror On The Wall 19" Size: 60Wx90H cm, 19"LCD .....
RM 3,089.90
Ex Tax: RM 2,915.00

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