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Holmspa Aqua Marine Mineral 50ml
Aqua Marine Mineral have a draining, reducing and detoxicate effect. Favour the elimination of de.....
RM 84.06
Ex Tax: RM 79.30
Holmspa Aroma Theraphy Oils 250ml
It is helpful for mind and body relaxation; not only bring a refreshing breath to your facility but .....
RM 118.51
Ex Tax: RM 111.80
HolmSpa Ayurveda Spa Soap 100g x 5
HolmSpa Ayurveda Spa Soap Size: 100g x 5 .....
RM 136.42
Ex Tax: RM 128.70
HolmSpa Ayurveda Spa Soap 75g x 10
HolmSpa Ayurveda Spa Soap 75g x 10 Size: 75g x 10 .....
RM 121.26
Ex Tax: RM 114.40
HolmSpa Large Herbal Compress Ball
HolmSpa Large Herbal Compress Ball, use for hot sauna & steam, footy hottub Size: 200g .....
RM 99.22
Ex Tax: RM 93.60
Holmspa Lemon Grass Herbal Drink 15 Sachets
Lemongrass is a herb cherished for its aroma and citrus-cum-ginger taste, which possesses a lot of m.....
RM 34.45
Ex Tax: RM 32.50
HolmSpa Muscle Rest Cream 70g
HolmSpa Muscle-Rest Cream, use for hot sauna & steam, footy hottub Size: 70g .....
RM 57.88
Ex Tax: RM 54.60
Holmspa Ruby Grapes Mineral 50ml
Rich in natural extracts with some truly innovative properties, to favour a deep cleansing and conve.....
RM 84.06
Ex Tax: RM 79.30
HolmSpa Sauna Thermal Oil 1L
HolmSpa Sauna Thermal Oil 1L use for hot sauna SIze: 1 Liter .....
RM 1,282.60
Ex Tax: RM 1,210.00
Holmspa Sauna Thermal Oil 40ml
The best therapeutic oil to go with spa sauna and gently massage. Such Sauna Thermal oil is essentia.....
RM 163.98
Ex Tax: RM 154.70

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