Dr. Sauna Haruhiko

Dr. Sauna Haruhiko

Anti-Oxydant Japanese Hot Bed

Haruhiko Tiles & Nano Orange Powder

Sauna Holm's latest product, Dr Sauna Haruhiko, is named for its health with anti-oxidant properties. As for the Dr. Sauna Haruhiko where it introduces the basic mechanism and effect in health therapy, whereby it is the high treatment device of the reliability that passes the severe inspection of the Ministry of Health & Welfare in Japan, and obtained the approval of medical treatment equipment as the warm temperature therapy in hospitals & especially in the skin specialist clinic in Japan.

Dr. Sauna Haruhiko

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Dr. Sauna Haruhiko, Anti-Oxydant Japanese Hot Bed Size: 6'(L) x 2.1"(W) The Standard Specifica.....
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