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Holmspa Long Bath Series LB 1PAX-Comfy

Long Bath Series

  • 1 front and 2 side cover
  • Pump 1.2HP x 1
  • Water Heater 1KW x 1
  • Massage Jets x 6
  • Bottom Jets upgraded to x 20
  • Size : 180 x 80 x 68 cm


S. Hygienic
Disinfection by Ozone
We have adopted such automatic system to ensure our S.series-O3 Ozone is a natural and effective water purification system. Ozone is being pumped into the water, with the help of electricity from the oxygen in the air as long as the whirlpool motor is running, subsequently it is released into the air as pure oxygen. The system will operate maintenance free for 9,000 one-hour bathing sessions.
Self Cleaning Pipeline Drainage
Self-cleansing Pipeline Drainage
Over time oils from your body or soaps can coat the whirlpool internal plumbing. This coating can lead to bacteria form but can be cleaned with the use of respective cleaning solution. In a more simpler way to keep clean & hygiene bathware especially for those on frequent overseas trips, our arched-pipe construction to ensure no water can sit on a curve of these arches-shape pipe between each jets. Further step is to add in the solar conversion valve and water inlet valve for the fresh water circulate through the internal plumbing system including the water and air lines, massage jets and pump, out the suction and down the drain to flush away any residue from the internal plumbing system.
S. Pulsation
Hydrotheraphy Jets
Innovative hydrotherapy of ergonomically grouped in therapy seats. Pronounced back-and-forth massaging motion moves water in a whole new way. Assertive action or mild massaging as desire.
Silent Power
Silent Power
The enhance anti-vibration pump is now even quieter that designed to combine easy installation, energy efficiency and low-noise operation. Now you can enjoy your new found peace and quiet moment while you are in our HolmSpa bathing tub.
S. Warm
Keep Warm Heater
The installed heater pump will maintain the temperature of your bath water – keeping it warm for as long as you like, and not to decrease any power of the pump throughout the water.

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