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 Sauna Kits & Sauna Accessories

Sauna Kits & Sauna Accessories

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Sauna Ice-Water Shower Bucket
6L Ice-Water Shower Bucket c/w stainless steel fastening holder Size: bucket 400Diax370H, pull-ch.....
RM 1,061.06
Ex Tax: RM 1,001.00
Holmspa Stool
RM 0.00
Ex Tax: RM 0.00
Sauna Rock-Mates Soapstone Aromatic Cubes
Soapstone Aromatic Cubes Sauna Rock-Mates Weight: 2.5KG .....
RM 68.90
Ex Tax: RM 65.00
SaunaHolm Sound N Light
SaunaHolm Sound N Light color soft transition   .....
RM 6,599.56
Ex Tax: RM 6,226.00
SaunaHolm Starry Nite 50
SaunaHolm Starry Nite 50 Size: 12.6Wx19.7Hx7Thk cm, 5DiaThk cm .....
RM 2,751.76
Ex Tax: RM 2,596.00
SaunaHolm Steam Lite
Size : 48 Diameter .....
RM 558.09
Ex Tax: RM 526.50
Stainless Steel Sauna Ladle with Wooden Handle
Stainless Steel Sauna Ladle with Wooden Handle Size: 85diax395L .....
RM 296.27
Ex Tax: RM 279.50
Steam-Mate 1.0KW of 3.5L
Steam-Mate 1.0KW of 3.5L, Add-on Sauna Heater. Size: 330Wx125Dx480H Weight: 5.5KG  .....
RM 1,961.00
Ex Tax: RM 1,850.00
Spa Cleanse Brush with Back Massage, Export Standard
Spa Cleanse Brush with Back Massage, Export Standard Size: 125L .....
RM 20.67
Ex Tax: RM 19.50
HolmSpa Sauna Thermal Oil 1L
HolmSpa Sauna Thermal Oil 1L use for hot sauna SIze: 1 Liter .....
RM 1,282.60
Ex Tax: RM 1,210.00
Holmspa Sauna Thermal Oil 40ml
The best therapeutic oil to go with spa sauna and gently massage. Such Sauna Thermal oil is essentia.....
RM 163.98
Ex Tax: RM 154.70
SaunaHolm Saunga Signage Size: 150Wx80H .....
RM 99.22
Ex Tax: RM 93.60

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